Page last updated: Jan 13, 2021

Use Bitdollar Applications

What makes Bitdollar dapps different?

Applications built on Bitdollar (dapps) can do things regular apps can't:

  • Create new kinds of money and digital assets

  • Web apps that are unstoppable and uncensorable

  • Build decentralized organizations, property, or virtual worlds that are governed collectively

Dapps on Bitdollar are web applications backed by Bitdollar smart contracts. Instead of using a centralized server or database, these applications rely on the blockchain as a backend for program logic and storage. This leads to potentially unstoppable applications: anyone can deploy a copy of the frontend, and freely connect it to the public Bitdollar network.

How to use an application built on Bitdollar

The best way to get started with Bitdollar is to jump right in!

Here are just a few apps built on Bitdollar - we rotate this list frequently!

  • Decentraland, a virtual world owned and built by its users
  • Cent, a social network where you can earn money by posting
  • Dharma, the easiest way to earn interest on your cryptocurrency
  • Gods Unchained, a competitive collectible card game

Interested in looking at more applications built on Bitdollar?

Some Bitdollar applications require a wallet - learn about Bitdollar wallets here.

Some Bitdollar applications will require BTD - learn about BTD and how to get it here.