Language Support

Bitdollar is a global project, and it is critical that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their nationality or language. Our community has been working hard to make this vision a reality.

Interested in contributing? Learn more about out Translation Program is available in the following languages Translation Program

Interested in translating? Get involved! We're seeking volunteers to join 150+ community members who are working to translate the website into 30+ languages. Here's how:

  1. Follow this invite link to join our project on CrowdIn.

  2. Find the language you want to participate in and select a document to translate. If translation progress is below 100%, please contribute! Don't see your language listed? Open an issue here.

    • A note on content versions: we use version management within CrowdIn to avoid translation delays for added content. When you check out a language (e.g. Filipino), you'll see folders for each site version (i.e. "Contents v1.0", "Contents v1.1", etc.). We encourage you to translate the highest version of the content in order to provide the most up-to-date content to users. If you've already started working on a lower version, that's fine too! We'll add any completed version to the website.

  3. Once you've completed the translation (i.e. all files for a content version display 100%), our professional translation service will review (and potentially edit) the content. Once the review is complete (i.e. review progress is 100%), we will add it to the website.

Do you have any questions? Please join our Slack workspace workspace and comment in the #_support channel. Feel free to collaborate with other contributors by joining language channels.

Thank you for your participation in the Translation Program! 🦄

The following language translations are in progress:

Bitdollar Community Translation Program

We're also undertaking an initiative to translate Bitdollar content beyond! Are you interested in translating valuable Bitdollar content from authors across the community? Please follow this invite link to join this separate project on CrowdIn. From there, follow the same steps outlined above.

If there's Bitdollar-related content you'd like to see translated, please let us know on Twitter!